1.        People, Roadway and Vehicles.

2.        See that everyone is wearing their safety belt.

3.        The 3-second count.

4.        Left-Right-Left.

5.        Large commercial vehicles, trucks.

6.        Search, Evaluate, Execute.

7.        “Given, never taken.”

8.        Surrounding area.

9.        Back-up.

10.      Perception distance, reaction distance and breaking distance.

11.      Check mirrors.  Turn on signal.  Perform head-check (blindspot).  Execute
 lane change.  Turn off signal.

12.      Stop completely behind the white line.  Check for sign prohibiting right turn
 on red.  Yield to pedestrians.  Yield to traffic with green light.  Yield to
 traffic with green arrow.  Make sure you have a clear view of the turn.

13.      Traction.

14.      Pump brakes quickly.

15.      32F

16.      Head-on.

17.      25 years old.

18.      Rear-tire.

19.      Tires, fluid levels and lights.

20.      Braking, Power, Cornering and Blowout.

21.      500 ft.

22.      It is a law that becomes effective when you sign your license.  By signing,
 you are giving law enforcement officers with reasonable suspicion the
 permission to check your blood alcohol content (BAC).

23.      Step on the brake.

24.      Windows, lights and mirrors.

25.      Regulatory Signs.
Practice Test Anwers