Our beginning-driver/teen program consists of 24 hours of classroom instruction
and 8 hours of practical instruction.  

Our Heatherdowns and Perrysburg locations offer weekday evening or weekend
morning classes September through May.  Both locations offer morning or evening
weekday classes in June, July, and August.  The students must attend each lesson
(1-6), and can take the lessons in any order.  If the student is not available for a
class; they simply make up that lesson at a later date.  It is generally recommended
that the student take lesson one first and lesson six last.

In order to schedule the on-road portion, the student must have attended at least
one class, have a valid temporary permit, and their account must be paid in full.  
Each on-road lesson is two hours, and offers private training with a certified
instructor.  The students are picked-up and dropped-off at home.

here for class schedules.

**The eight hours of behind-the-wheel driving is currently
booking out approximately 8-9 weeks.**

**For Adult Driver Training information, please contact us at
Driver Education Course
for Ohio Teenagers