1.        These three things make up the highway transportation system.

2.        This is the first step for starting your vehicle.

3.        What is the best strategy to use to check your following distance?

4.        What is the proper search pattern when approaching an intersection or        
 pulling onto a street?

5.        These types of vehicles are slow to accelerate and take longer to stop.

6.        These three things make up the acronym S.E.E.

7.        Complete this sentence: “The right of way is always _______________”

8.        This is the first thing you should look at during your pre-drive check.

9.        What is the first step for leaving a parallel parking space?

10.      What three components make up your total stopping distance?

11.      Name the five steps for making a proper lane change.

12.      Name the six steps for making a proper right turn on red (RToR).

13.      What type of friction is affected by roadway and tire condition?

14.      This should be your first response when your brakes fail.

15.      At what temperature is the road most slippery?

16.      What is the worst type of collision?

17.      Being under what age means a higher car insurance premium?

18.      This type of tire blowout causes fishtailing.

19.      What three things should you check when you stop for fuel?

20.      Name the four types of skids.

21.      You should not use your high beam headlights within how many
 feet of an oncoming vehicle?

22.      Briefly describe the concept behind the “Implied Consent” law.

23.      What is the one thing you should avoid doing when experiencing a tire

24.      What three things are required to be kept clean for good visibility when

25.      This type of sign is usually white, red or black.

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